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Filing for divorce is never easy, even in cases in which the parties agree on most or all of the decisions that must be made. A marriage is a legal contract, and as such, carries certain obligations, and is impacted by state law. To dissolve the contract, these matters must be completely resolved, and approved by the court, even in a simple, no-contest divorce.

Georgia courts have a great deal of focus on children, and what is deemed to be in their best interests. Any divorce case with children must be handled very carefully. If the issues of custody or child support are in contention, you need legal representation that has an in-depth understanding of Georgia laws, and an extensive history of success in court. At our firm, our Young Harris divorce attorney should review your circumstances and advise you of what to expect, and what could be done to seek a positive outcome. We are ready to speak with you, and we understand the stress you are going through. We make the process as easy as possible for you.

Family Law Attorney in Young Harris

There are a range of issues that could arise that may require the skills of a Young Harris family law attorney. Whether you hope to adopt a child, need to have a court order to establish paternity, or are seeking a post-decree modification for child custody, child support, alimony or visitation, or plan to move away, our firm can assist you. We concentrate on providing our clients with quality legal representation, and we seek to avoid litigation when it is possible to resolve issues out of court.

In some cases, litigation is the only possible route to take, and we go to court with a well-crafted case when necessary. At divorce litigators, we know what works and what doesn't, as we have spent many years serving in this capacity. Judges are people, and we know most of those that are in the area. Generally, the courts appreciate it if you can work out your differences without intervention, but when a divorce is brought to trial, they want facts. We prepare each of our cases very carefully, as this can make a significant difference in the final outcome. We are pursuing your objectives, and we are interested in providing legal support to get the job done for you.

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