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Gwinnett County Property Distribution Attorney

Ensuring Your Rights & Property are Protected

During the course of a marriage, the finances of the spouses often change significantly due to factors such as pay raises, the acquirement of assets, stocks, and properties as well as the accumulation of debts. When the spouses file for divorce, it is necessary to come to an agreement regarding how assets and property will be distributed. Usually this is done through a process known as equitable distribution, in which the assets are divided fairly between each spouse, although not necessarily evenly. How the assets are distributed vary greatly depending upon the specific circumstances of each spouse and their contributions to the marriage, including both financial and emotional contributions. If you are involved in a divorce it is vital that your assets are protected. At Fox Firm, P.C., we can provide the legal help you need to ensure your rights and property are protected.

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Separate Property Versus Marital Property

The property distribution, or asset division process in a divorce involves the initial decision to cooperate with your spouse on how assets will be divided, or needing a judge to decide how the assets will be divided. The primary differences between the two types of assets involved with property distribution include marital property and separate property. Separate property is property owned by only one of the spouses due to exemptions such as with inheritances, gifts and other exempt property. Marital property is the joint property acquired during the course of the marriage, whether it be in one or both spouse's names.

Guidance for Your Property Division Matters

When you are involved in a divorce it is important to protect your rights and your property. Not all divorces are completed cooperatively, necessitating a need for legal guidance with your case to be sure. Fox Firm, P.C. is skilled with assisting those in need of legal help for their divorce matter. By working collaboratively to create the best case possible you and the firm can help improve the chances that you will obtain a successful conclusion for your divorce so that you can begin to move on.

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