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Gwinnett County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Representing the Criminally Accused Throughout Gwinnett CountyCriminal Defense Charge Georgia

Being accused of a crime is a traumatic experience, particularly if this leads to an arrest and formal criminal charges. In these matters, you need a competent and aggressive lawyer to protect your legal rights. You need a criminal defense lawyer who will fight tirelessly to seek a positive case result on your behalf, regardless of the nature of the crime you have been accused of committing. Some lawyers shy away from particularly complex or serious criminal cases, but a Gwinnett County criminal attorney at Fox Firm, P.C. is not afraid of handling any type of case.

Whether for a misdemeanor charge for a first-time DUI or a felony charge for a serious violent crime, our team can provide the criminal defense counsel needed to handle your case. You can count on our experience as well as our determination as we represent your interests inside and outside of the criminal courtroom.

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Criminal Cases Our Team Handles

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