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Uncontested Divorce: A Faster, Cheaper Process

Divorce Lawyer in Lawrenceville

The fastest and most affordable form of divorce is an uncontested divorce. In this form of marriage dissolution, the two parties are in full agreement with all the major issues, including child support, child custody, visitation, alimony, the split of assets and debts and any other issues involving finances or children. It is important that your divorce agreement is correctly submitted, as the court will still need to approve any agreement and reissue it as a court order. The court always decides matters involving child custody and parenting time, and a parenting plan must also be submitted to the court. For marriages that don't involve children, an uncontested divorce is often a simpler process.

In either case, no matter how quickly you want to get your divorce finalized (as it can be as quickly as 31 days - an important issue for those who are planning to remarry), you need to ensure that you are not making a real error in the agreements that you are making with your former marriage partner. Any paperwork that is submitted incorrectly will lead to delays. At Fox Firm, P.C., the attorney will carefully review every detail and ensure all filings are done correctly and in a timely manner. In the end, this could save you a great deal of time, stress and confusion. Those that choose to file for divorce without the help of an attorney (which you can do) often run into trouble as divorce is not a simple matter, even when the two parties agree.

Property Division in an Uncontested Divorce

There are certain issues that must be resolved, even in an uncontested divorce. One of these is the matter of the marital property and debts. It must be decided which party will be responsible for the payment of debts, such as credit cards that were issued in both names, the mortgage on a home or property and other debts and assets. The firm can assist you to evaluate all of these issues and get them in order so that the process moves swiftly through the system and the final divorce decree is obtained. Having an attorney review the property distribution that you have decided with your former marriage partner is important.

Avoiding costly mistakes is an important issue in an uncontested divorce. One the agreement is issued in a court order, if there is some matter that now appears to have been unfair, it will require going to court to attempt to get the court order modified, which can be risky. The court may consider that you should keep the agreement you have, and may not approve a modification. It is considered to be the best choice to have an attorney to assist you throughout the entire process, even in a simple uncontested divorce. It can, in the end, save you time, money and the stress of an ongoing problem with your divorce.

The main issues that can be contentious in a divorce are related to the division of assets and the custody of the children. If you and your spouse generally agree on how to resolve these matters, you are a likely candidate for a simple, uncontested divorce. You should always ensure that your rights are protected, and that you are not just sacrificing so that the process can come to an end, as you may later regret this decision. At the firm, the attorney will review your situation and can advise you about how Georgia law could impact these matters, what your rights are, and what would likely be considered equitable by the court. With years of experience, the Lawrenceville divorce lawyer at the firm has a great insight into all divorce matters, and can answer all of your questions about what to expect, how to move forward, and how to protect yourself in any type of divorce.

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