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Assault is considered to be a violent crime in the state of Georgia. It occurs when a threat or action puts a person in immediate fear of death or bodily injury. Assault does not involve actual physical contact, only the threat or attempt at harm. If you have been accused of assault, it is to your benefit to hire an attorney immediately who has the knowledge and skill to handle an assault case. A Gwinnett County assault attorney at Fox Firm, P.C. has represented many clients accused of assault in Gwinnett County and the surrounding areas of Georgia over the last 20+ years and provides his clients with superior representation. The firm will uphold your constitutional rights and provide you with excellent defense tactics.

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In some instances, a person can be wrongly accused of assault. You may have been defending yourself, someone else or your property. If you have been charged with assault in Georgia, then a criminal defense lawyer experienced in handling these types of cases could mean the difference between serving time behind bars or just receiving probation or a fine. At Fox Firm, P.C. you will be provided with extensive experience when it comes to defending your assault crime. We will fight for your rights and your freedom.

Defense Against Assault Charges

If convicted of assault you could be facing a prison sentence, harsh fines, restitution and probation. The firm will review the facts of your assault case and can determine how serious your assault charge is based on their many years of service as an attorney in the Georgia criminal justice system. The firm has the necessary dedication, integrity, strength and determination when it comes to defending clients against assault charges. Contact the firm to begin your legal representation with an experienced and qualified lawyer today.

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