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Probation or Parole Violation

Lawrenceville Probation Violation Attorney

Defense for Parole and Probation Violations in Gwinnett County 

After a person has been charged with probation violation, or knows that they have violated probation, it is always advisable for the person to speak with a skilled Gwinnett County probation violation attorney. Once a person has violated his/her probation, he/she has a great chance of incurring an enhanced sentence or further legal penalties. In order to avoid these consequences altogether, people must work closely with a probation violation lawyer who can look after their best interests and fiercely defend them in court.

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How Does a Probation Violation Result?

When a person has been convicted of a criminal offense by a court of law, part of his/her sentencing may include probation. Probation allows offenders to return to society and to their homes. Probation may be granted in place of jail time or may be granted after a person has served some time in jail.

People who are placed on probation must adhere to certain terms, as ordered by the court. These terms may include mandatory meetings with probation officers, abstaining from committing other criminal offenses, or random drug tests. In order to meet their terms of probation, people must make it a point to comply with the rules that have been outlined for them.

What to Expect from Your Case

When people fail to adhere to the terms of their probation, or violate the rules as outlined, they can be charged with probation violation. In Lawrenceville and elsewhere in Gwinnett County, probation violations often results in jail time (sometimes for an extended period) in addition to other enhanced legal penalties. When the probationer is on First Offender probation, a probation violation can be doubly dangerous as the offender may be re-sentenced to the maximum allowed by law, and his/her First Offender status taken away.

If you've been accused of a probation or parole violation, contact a Lawrenceville probation violation lawyer to discuss your case!


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