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Resolving Arrest Warrants & Bond Motions

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Handling arrest warrants and bond motions are two areas of criminal law that a competent attorney can assist you with. These can be complex matters and may involve specific proceedings that need to be followed to seek a positive result. By involving our Gwinnett County bond motion attorney as early in the process as possible, you may be able to handle the matter swiftly and effectively.

Explanations of Arrest Warrants & Bond Motions

Arrest Warrants - An arrest warrant is an order that is authorized by the state and issued by a judge that authorizes the immediate arrest of the person listed within the warrant by law enforcement. In most cases, arrest warrants are issued when a crime is committed, and a suspect needs to be brought into police custody for questioning. Arrest warrants are only issued when law enforcement has reason to believe that a crime has been committed and that a certain person is responsible for committing the crime. When a person is detained by police due to an arrest warrant, he/she will have to stay in jail until the appropriate amount of bail is posted for his/her release.
Bond Motions - After a person has been placed in jail as a result of an arrest warrant, he/she will have to post bail before he/she can be set free. Often times, the bail amount is extremely high, and the offender or his/her family cannot afford to make such a substantial payment. In cases like these, the offender’s family may be able to obtain a bail bond, or the offender’s defense attorney can move for the bond amount to be lowered.

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