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Violent Crimes

Violent Crime Defense Attorney in Gwinnett County

Understanding the Charge Against You 

Violent crimes are criminal acts that involve the direct use or threat of violence, such as an assault or domestic violence. In Lawrenceville and all of Gwinnett County, violent crimes are severely punished and are always vigorously prosecuted by all levels of law enforcement. This is because violent crimes pose a serious threat to society and can greatly endanger the general public. Allegations of violent crimes are, however, one of those crime-types that are extremely vulnerable to exaggeration and fabrication.

Have you been charged with a violent offense? Contact our Gwinnett County violent crime attorney for a confidential consultation.

Factors Contributing to Criminal Charges

After a person has been arrested for a violent crime, his/her criminal charges will depend upon various factors, some of which could lead to the person being charged with a felony. For example, if any of the factors are true, he/she would more than likely be charged with a felony and be subject to enhanced sentencing guidelines.

This is the case if he/she is convicted of:

  • Used a weapon
  • Caused another person serious bodily harm
  • Has a prior criminal conviction
  • Has a prior violent crime conviction
  • Used a firearm

What do I do after being charged?

The best thing a person can do after he/she has been charged with a violent crime is to hire an understanding, yet aggressive Gwinnett County violent crime lawyer. A criminal defense attorney can work closely with law enforcement and prosecutors to negotiate charges and, in some cases, have charges reduced or dismissed in full. Additionally, a violent crime defense attorney can ensure that the person’s individual rights remain safeguarded throughout the various stages of the legal process.

Types of Violent Crimes We Can Handle

Our firm can handle virtually any type of violent crime case, including those that involve the following, among others:

  • domestic violence
  • aggravated assault
  • simple assault and battery
  • battery
  • family violence battery
  • robbery
  • armed robbery
  • kidnapping
  • false imprisonment
  • sexual assault
  • rape
  • arson
  • obstruction of law enforcement
  • gang crimes

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