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Blairsville Divorce Lawyer

Need a highly experienced and qualified family law attorney? Contact us.

At our firm, the Fox Firm, P.C., we are known for our integrity, commitment and case results. We serve individuals living in Blairsville in all family law matters, including divorce, adoption, child custody, child support, as well as grandparents' rights, legal issues involved in a legal separation, legitimation of a child's paternity, and in alternative dispute resolution methods including mediation. Our Blairsville divorce attorney will zealously protect your parental rights. We have a vast knowledge of family law, and

Many divorces hang up on the subject of property distribution, and we have uncommon insight into how to negotiate fair terms for our clients, in both simple and complex high net worth divorce cases. Our goal is getting your divorce finalized, the agreement signed, and approved by the court, so you can move forward with your new life, unhindered by unresolved issues. The stress and anxiety that comes with divorce is difficult, and we do everything possible legally to assist you to get the divorce concluded in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Divorce Attorney in Blairsville, GA

As with any legal matter, it takes experience and knowledge to win a case. With years of service to the community, our lawyer is extremely familiar with the family law court system, and will help you to understand your rights, how state law can impact issues that are of concern to you, and can litigate with a high level of skill when necessary. Hopefully, a settlement can be reached without the need for trial, but this is not always possible. If the other party is making unreasonable demands, and won't compromise, this may be your only option for fair resolution. When presenting a case to the court, our firm is very particular about attention to detail. Our presentation to the court, when pursuing a fair settlement, will be well prepared and supported by documentation or witnesses, based upon what is necessary. Divorces are as unique as the two parties involved.

Whether you are seeking a simple, uncontested divorce, a military divorce, or are facing litigation, our firm can help. Call us now.

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