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Are you considering filing for divorce, and live in the Blue Ridge area? It is important that you discuss your concerns with a highly qualified Blue Ridge divorce lawyer. At the Fox Firm, P.C., we are fully committed to helping our clients resolve the crucial issues in divorce in the most effective manner. There are several matters that could be contentious in a divorce. These include issues related to financial matters and children, particularly. These can be extremely troublesome for individuals who are considering divorce. You need to know how Georgia law could impact these matters, and we can advise you before you take action. At our firm, our attorney has a vast understanding of state law, how divorce matters related to finances can be resolved, and how the court will view your various demands. Find out before you file, and contact our firm. If you feel that your attorney is not correctly representing your interests, or is not focusing on what is most important to you, consider speaking with us. We are often called upon by clients who have been sent to us by friends, relatives or other attorneys. Our goal is to provide top quality legal representation in all family law matters. You can trust us to listen, to care, and to take the right legal action for you.

Litigation or negotiation?

Alternative dispute resolution is often a good answer for a divorcing couple, as these methods allow you to work out the details without the court imposing a decision. Not only are the agreements often better, you maintain your privacy, and avoid exposing personal matters in open court, which can be a concern. There are a great number of ways that a divorce settlement can be resolved. With cooperation from both parties, it could be possible to craft a reasonable resolution to these critical matters.

We work with the opposing attorney, with your interests and objectives as the main focus in our negotiations. Divorce involves some degree of compromise in most cases. In a simple divorce, the two parties are generally amicable and already have agreed on these matters, but this is not always the case. Whether you will need to take your divorce to trial, or you can resolve all the critical issues outside of court, you can be confident that you will be represented by a professional that will protect your rights and interests, and pursue the objectives that you have communicated to us.

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