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Five Things You Should Do After an Arrest

If you have been arrested for allegedly committing a criminal offense, it is important you know what to do next. You may be frightened or worried about the potential consequences of your actions, but this is not the time to act hastily. You need to think before you act as even the most innocent of actions following an arrest could lead to further legal complications and, in worse case scenarios, could facilitate your conviction. On the other hand, if you understand and exercise your rights, you will significantly improve your odds of being able to avoid facing serious charges and penalties. After an arrest, here are five things you should do:

  1. Do not wait for your rights to be read to you. Most people do not realize that the police are not required to read you your Miranda rights unless they intend on questioning you. In many cases, officers will engage in casual conversation with an individual for the purpose of obtaining probable cause to warrant an arrest or warrant further investigation of their case. Without even knowing it, you could end up giving an officer the evidence he or she needs to have charges filed against you.
  2. Exercise your Miranda rights. As soon as officers want to start questioning you, they will need to read you the Miranda warning so you are advised of your legal right to remain silent and to have a lawyer present during all questioning. The Miranda warning will also inform you that anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. Protecting your interests starts with you exercising your Miranda rights.
  3. Politely refuse to answer any questions until you have had an opportunity to consult with legal counsel. According to the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, you are under no legal obligation to speak with police, make a testimony against yourself or answer questions which could result in you implicating yourself in a crime. You do not want to inadvertently give the police or prosecution any evidence they can use to obtain a conviction.
  4. Hire a criminal defense lawyer with a proven record of successfully defending clients against criminal charges. The lawyer you choose to represent you will have a direct and significant impact on the outcome of your case. Our criminal defense lawyer has more than 13 years of legal experience and a long track record of success. At our firm you will not be treated as just another case, you will receive the personalized attention, dedicated service and aggressive representation you need when fighting to protect your rights.
  5. Be truthful with your lawyer. Unless your lawyer has all of the facts and information pertaining to your arrest, he will not be able to provide you with the compelling defense strategy you need to obtain a dismissal of charges or an acquittal at trial. Everything you say to a lawyer from Fox Firm, P.C. will be held in the strictest of confidence and will never be used against you.

The most effective way to defend your rights against criminal charges is to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Our firm is recognized as one of Lawrenceville's premier criminal defense law firms. We do not back down when fighting to protect our clients' rights. We aggressively pursue their defense and stop at nothing until we receive the most optimal resolution on their behalf. If you are facing criminal charges, you can count on us to provide you with the honest, reliable and compelling legal representation you need. Contact our firm now to have a Gwinnett County criminal defense lawyer review your case and begin devising a strategy for your defense.

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