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How Could I Benefit From a Legal Separation?

When a marriage seems as if it may be coming to an end, most people consider divorce as their only option. What these people do not realize is how they can benefit from a legal separation. The majority of the issues a couple must address when going through a divorce can also be addressed in a separation agreement. Some of the advantages of obtaining a legal separation can include:

  • Retaining your marital status for religious reasons while still being able to live apart
  • Giving you and your spouse a little time apart so you can make an informed decision on whether you actually want to follow through with a divorce or not
  • Being able to continue taking advantage of certain military benefits
  • One spouse being able to continue health and insurance benefits under the other spouse's insurance plan
  • The ability to continue filing jointly on state and federal tax returns
  • Giving each spouse the ability to protect their own assets and debt while apart
  • Gaining access to certain social security benefits or military benefits that are only available when a couple has been married for at least 10 years
  • Being able to easily convert a legal separation agreement into a divorce settlement agreement once a decision has been reached to file for divorce

If you are a Lawrenceville resident who thinks you might be interested in obtaining a legal separation rather than moving forward with a divorce, you need to retain counsel from an experienced lawyer at the firm immediately. Attorney Fox has an in-depth understanding of the legal separation process and is a valuable advocate to have on your side. He will take the time to understand your objectives and work with you closely to develop a separation agreement to address issues including property distribution, alimony, child custody and support, parenting plans and more. As with divorce, you are going to need a lawyer who is committed to doing what is in your best interests and who will stop at nothing to get you the most optimal results. Contact a Gwinnett County divorce lawyer at Fox Firm, P.C. now to discuss your options and determine if legal separation may be right for you.

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