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How are Juvenile Crimes Prosecuted in Georgia?

Do you have a child who has been arrested for committing a criminal offense? Are you worried about the penalties your child stands to face? Are you terrified your child could be tried as an adult? If you are wondering how juvenile crimes are prosecuted here in the state of Georgia, a criminal defense attorney from our firm is available to answer all of your juvenile crime-related questions and provide you with peace of mind in knowing your child's case is in good hands.

Juvenile cases here in Georgia are not tried by a jury. In these types of cases, it is the judge who will have the final decision as to the accused minor's guilt or innocence, as well as what penalties the minor will stand to face. A juvenile court judge can also make the determination as to whether a minor child can be tried as an adult and forced to face the harsh penalties that will go along with a criminal conviction. With so much at stake, we understand how frightening it can be to have your child facing juvenile charges. You may want to put your trust in the criminal justice system, yet at the same time you need to take action to protect your child's interests and improve the odds that he or she will not be tried as an adult.

Fox Firm, P.C. is a criminal defense law firm that has been providing sound legal counsel to individuals throughout Lawrenceville and the surrounding areas for more than a decade. We have handled all types of criminal defense cases, including those involving juvenile crimes. We understand how important it is for you as a parent to be able to protect your child and do everything you can to pursue the most optimal resolution to his or her case. That is our objective as well. We are committed to acting in your child's best interests. If you want to give your child an opportunity to get his or her charges dismissed, our experience and skill will dramatically increase your chances of success. To hire a Gwinnett County criminal defense attorney to represent your child in juvenile court, contact our firm now.

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