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Teacher Faces Felony Charges for Punching Student

In Albany, Georgia, a teacher is facing felony charges after being accused of punching a student on March 17th. The teacher is employed with the Dougherty School System.

District Attorney for the Dougherty Judicial System told news sources that the teacher, 33 year old Antonio Renard Richardson, was indicted on a first degree child cruelty charges. He was also indicted on misdemeanor counts of battery, disorderly conduct and obstruction of an officer.

Officials say that the student attacked Richardson first while attending the South Georgia Regional Achievement Center. When police responded to reports of the attack, the student was placed in custody. Richardson said that he, "did intentionally cause visible bodily harm, to wit: swelling of the face ... by striking said victim with his fists in her face."

On March 18th, Richardson posted a $3,500 bond and remains free at this time. He resigned his position as a teacher with the school and the board accepted his resignation.

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