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DNA Tests Prove Man Was Not Guilty of Rape After All

In Cleveland, Ohio a man was vindicated after 30 years after a DNA test proved he did not rape an eleven-year-old girl. In his own words, Raymond Towler, now 52, said, “It finally happened, I have been waiting.” He and his family were headed out of the courthouse to an “everything on it “pizza party.

Towler was serving out a life sentence after being convicted of raping a girl in a Cleveland Park in 1981. Prosecutors received the test results Monday and at that point, asked the court to free him.

After throwing out his conviction upon reviewing the DNA evidence, Eileen Gallagher, a Cuyahoga County Common Pleas judge, told Towler could sue over his ordeal.

Towler was among the longest incarcerated people to be exonerated by DNA evidence in U.S. history, according to the Ohio Innocence Project, an organization that utilizes DNA evidence to clear people of wrongfully convicted crimes.

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