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More Fathers are Being Awarded Primary Custody

An interesting trend is starting to emerge in family law courts across the country. For the first time ever, a significant amount of men are receiving primary custody of their children. One study suggests that as many as 50% of the men who request primary child custody are receiving it.

This trend is in stark contrast to the last several decades, when woman were so obviously favored in matters of child custody than men. The social dynamics in the country were so that women stayed home to raise and care for children while the men went to work and earn a living. Because women were the primary caregivers, it was natural for judges to award them primary custody.

But now the tides have turned. More women than ever work at least a part-time job, with many women working full-time jobs. Judges now can't rely on the woman being at home fulltime to care for the children to make their decisions. When both parent work full-time jobs, what is the fairest way to divide custody?

Another factor that has contributed to more men being awarded custody is the recession. With the recession came thousands of job lay-offs, and 75% of those who lost their jobs in this recession are men, as the construction and manufacturing industries-two industries dominated almost entirely by men-have been hit the hardest. Many of these men haven't been able to find new work, and therefore settled into the role of stay-at-home dad while the woman works to support the family. When divorce comes along, these men now have grounds to say they are primary caregivers. Judges recognize this, and recognize that men are just as capable of caring for children as women are, and have begun awarding them primary custody rights.

On that note, it's important not to discredit judges' role in the change in how custody is awarded. Judges of today recognize that men play a vital role in the upbringing of their children, and have every right to actively parent their kids. It is these judges who have made the most difference, as no men would have been awarded custody if it were not for the judges that awarded it to them

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