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Attorney Douglas Fox has been representing clients throughout Georgia since 1995. He has the strength to win cases, the knowledge to solve problems, and the commitment to achieve results. Find out what he can do for you!

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Lawrenceville Family Law & Divorce Attorney

Experienced & Successful Lawyer in Gwinnett County

Fox Firm, P.C.-- located in Lawrenceville -- represents clients in need of a skilled and experienced lawyer in Gwinnett County and elsewhere across metro Atlanta and Georgia. Practicing law for more than 16 years, he has learned that success stems from personal commitment. A commitment not just to achieve the right result, but a commitment to know and thoroughly understand his clients themselves, their stories and their relationships. Acquiring personal knowledge of each client's unique situation, goals and concerns allows Mr. Fox to properly evaluate a client's best interests and then design and implement a winning strategy.

As a policy of our legal services to clients, we deliver representation and counsel with:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Strength
  • Commitment

With a strong lawyer, the system can work for you, not against you. Clients who arm themselves with Fox Firm, P.C. as their firm, also find a loyal advocate who refuses to back to the challenges his clients may face. Almost every client shares the same sentiment: "Fox Firm, P.C. fought for me. The firm honestly believed their best interests were served by advancing my best interests."

A native of Atlanta, Mr. Fox is a highly distinguished attorney, having recieved a BV Distinguished® rating from Martindale-Hubbell®, and is a member of the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia. The firm represents people in need of a highly skilled attorney when they face difficult legal conflicts within their family unit.

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When you are involved in a family law matter such as any of the following, the firm can provide the insightful and attentive legal aid help your case proceed rapidly and in the right direction:

By working close with you and ensuring the absolute highest in professional dedication and tenacious work, he can help you work to achieve the results that you are seeking in your family law matter.

    Fox Firm, P.C., is a family law firm that provides legal services to clients in Gwinnett and across metro Atlanta and the State of Georgia. Fox Firm, P.C. is known for their aggressive, yet professional, style and strategy when it comes to serving his clients' interests. They use their past and continuing education and experience to provide you with top-tier representation. They will investigate and challenge every aspect of your case as needed to ensure the best outcome possible.

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    Our Lawrenceville lawyer at Fox Firm, P.C. has a complete understanding of state law as well as federal law and they are licensed to represent you in either state or federal court. The firm will work with you to determine what would be the best strategy for you and your case. The firm knows their clients, knows the facts, knows the law and how to succeed. Contact our law office today. The firm looks forward to handling your case with attention to detail, personal service and a commitment to achieving results.

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