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Client Retains Business Enterprise After Divorce

Settled divorce case for marriage lasting more than 30 years, with client-husband retaining his business enterprise and settling issues of sale of the marital residence, support, life insurance, and medical coverage – all to husband's complete satisfaction.

Father Prevented from Gaining Parental Rights

Prevailed in trial involving client-mother's efforts to prevent suddenly-on-the-scene biological father from gaining parental rights to child in a legitimation case. Able to present evidence gathered during deposition of father and in investigation of father's criminal history and social associations to show father had inexcusably abandoned his opportunity to establish a bond with his son over the past 10 years.

Client Secures 50/50 Custody Arrangement

Mr. Fox was able to overcome roadblocks that the mother put in place to needlessly prevent his client, the father, from having adequate time with his son; Mr. Fox got a 50/50 split custody arrangement that the court agreed to approve.

Grandmother is Awarded Temporary Custody

Represented the grandmother of a child whose mother relapsed after release from rehab. When the child was found to be in a deprived state by the juvenile court, an extensive plan was set up to ensure the mother's sobriety and the child's safety while the child remained in mother's care and grandmother was awarded visitation. After a second relapse and further litigation, the child was placed in the temporary custody of client-grandmother and more intensive safety plan was implemented for mother.

Successfully Defended Petition for Protective Order

Successfully defended client against wife's petition for temporary protective order under claims that client-husband harassed and threatened her through a picture-frame-breaking tirade (alleged to be an assault) and through text messages. Evidence was developed to show wife had committed adultery and had sought contact from her husband at the same time she claimed he was harassing her.

Client Gains Custody of Three Children

Mr. Fox successfully pushed through an emergency modification of sole physical custody to transfer custody of client-father's three children to client father, after mother had removed the children from their schools and moved into a shelter under claims of domestic violence from her new husband, and refused to disclose her whereabouts and had denied father's court-ordered visitation with children for 30 days. After proving to the court that mother's instability and obstruction were not in children's best interests, an Order was prepared and then signed which allowed client to retrieve the children from their new school and take custody without mom's interference.

Client is Granted Possession of Residence

Mr. Fox's client was living in a very uncomfortable situation in the marital residence when her controlling husband refused to leave and would continue to badger and bully and berate her in the residence. At court, Mr. Fox was able to get the husband out of the house as she was granted possession of the residence, and she got an order for the husband not to contact her.

Father is Prevented From Winning Custody

In a legitamation case filed by a father who Mr. Fox's client believed did not really care about the child, Mr. Fox was able to achieve his client's goal to resist the father's efforts to win custody and his client was allowed to move out of state to be near her parents; Mr. Fox arranged an interstate visitation schedule and secured adequate support to allow the mother to start a new life in another state.

Father's Visitation Rights Suspended

Due to client-mother's fears of previous abuse by father on her child, court suspended all visitation between father and his children after evidentiary hearing involving testimony from child's counselors and investigating law enforcement officers. Mother thereafter filed for termination of parental rights.

Client Receives Favorable Parenting Time

Finalized divorce providing father with well-above-average parenting time and a corresponding child support reduction as a result. This occurred after wife/mother initially withheld their toddler-daughter from father for reasons that I demonstrated to the court were insincere and unreasonable.